What is a Hydrotherm massage?

The Hydrotherm system consists of 2 warm water filled cushions with heat pads underneath them to maintain a constant temperature.  The client lays face up on the cushions with a bolster under the knees. This encourages the alignment of the spine to be correct.

The therapist works by sliding oiled hands between the client and the warm cushions. The Hydrotherm cushions support the clients body weight.  Any treatment can be done on the Hydrotherm system, so even waxing can become a more comfortable treatment!

What are the benefits?

A full body massage can be carried out on the Hydrotherm system and the client does not need to turn over during the treatment! No squished faces through face holes in couches, no arms hanging over the edge of the couch.  The client remains warm and supported throughout the treatment.

Aching tense muscles relax from the warmth of the cushions, enhancing your comfort and the effectiveness of the treatment. This system is good for the therapist too, it reduces stress to our wrists and back, common problems for a busy therapist.

Pamper Packages now available

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